A Mouthful of Air Poetry Podcast

Grant of non-exclusive copyright licence

We are delighted that you would like us to feature you/your poet on A Mouthful of Air.

We take the intellectual property rights of authors seriously and the purpose of this licence is to set out how we will treat the work when publishing it.

We ask you to grant us (The 21st Century Creative Ltd) a very limited licence to use the poem, which is:

  • non-exclusive – meaning you can still license it to whoever else you wish
  • non-transferable – meaning we cannot sell the licence to someone else
  • non-sublicensable – meaning we cannot sublicense the licence to someone else

The extent of the licence will be solely in respect of the podcast, namely to allow:

  • an audio recording of the poem to be published on the website amouthfulofair.fm as well as on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube and other podcast channels for worldwide distribution
  • the text of the poem to be published on the website and via email to our mailing list
  • the text and audio of the poem to be published (in whole or part) on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms

If you are happy to proceed on this basis then you can complete the form below.

Mark McGuinness

Director, The 21st Century Creative Ltd, Square Works, 17-18 Berkeley Square, Bristol BS8 1BH, United Kingdom

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