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If you enjoy a poem you hear on this podcast, you can support the poet – and enrich your reading life – by buying their latest book.

Each time we feature a guest poet on the show, we provide links for you to buy the book in which the poem is published.

You can also support the poets by visiting their websites, subscribing to their mailing lists, following them on social media, and/or telling your friends about their poetry. You’ll find all the relevant links in the show notes for each episode, archived here.

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If you enjoy a poet’s work, the chances are their publisher has other poets you will like. So in the show notes for each episode we also link to their publisher’s website. 

You can widen your appreciation of contemporary poetry by checking out their roster of poets, subscribing to their mailing lists, and of course buying their books.

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We are grateful to Arts Council England for supporting A Mouthful of Air with a National Lottery Project Grant, which covers most of the costs of producing the show. We contribute our time to making it, and between us we can bring the show to you free-to-air.

If you enjoy A Mouthful of Air there are several ways you can support the show and help us achieve our mission of connecting poets and poems with listeners and readers:

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